Traffic and Parking


We pride both our Residents and Village area and do respectfully remind vehicle owners when travelling through our area to keep speeds to the mandatory levels of 20 mph.
Please…THINK…. of OUR children and older residents when driving around and through our area





PLEASE park responsibly by NOT:

  • Parking across dropped kerbs in front of residential properties (in some cases this might render you with a fine)
  • Across disable badge holders property
  • Across dropped kerb ways used by pedestrian cross points
  • On corners of OUR streets (many have yellow line warnings – be aware!)
  • STATION PARADE: are for those to shop, NOT for ALL DAY commuters parking, this area is patrolled by traffic wardens, offenders will be ticketed!
  • BELVUE CLOSE: respectfully we ask those with vehicles NOT to Double park or leave vehicles in the roadway preventing others from entering/leaving the roadway