Plough Campaign



On Wednesday 12th March a group of Northolt Village Residents attended The Ealing Council Planning Committee meeting, with our elected spokesman to lodge our objections to the current proposals by Snap Dragon developers to develop the Plough Land site. The Planning Committee REJECTED the plans of the developers to build on this site, stating over development that would also damage the heritage of the Village area.

The development proposal had it been granted would have been devastating to the Village area of Northolt, destroying conservation and its heritage by:

  • Over development (also see below)
  • Increased parking within many of our resident’s roads, already blighted with commuter parkers. One area that would have also been greatly affected was parking along Ealing Road in front of our local shops and businesses and along the Greens side of this roadway.
  • Increased vehicular traffic entering and exiting from the site from both Mandeville and Ealing Roads, causing even more congestion, especially to public transport using Mandeville Road already heavily congested during early morning and evening peak times.
  • Increased footfall to and from the site putting more pressure on public services both rail and bus services.
  • Loss of local businesses, or at worse shops/businesses that may have had to close as a result of new duplicated businesses opening up in the new development, or increased business operations that would not serve, or be wanted by the people and residents of Northolt (ie: betting shops/takeaways etc).
  • Increased litter problems and possibly extra fly tipping.
  • Possible increase to social problems putting more pressure on local Police and authorities at worse affecting residents that may have also created other neighbourhood problems.
  • Destruction of the Village heritage and conservation blighting the Greens and ambience of the Village.
  • More pressure for school and nursery placements.

IT IS A HUGE VICTORY FOR THE RESIDENTS OF THE VILLAGE and THE PEOPLE OF NORTHOLT! Overall this would result in losing the rights to OUR conservation and heritage. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPOR

  • Currently there are THREE residential developments being constructed within 1 mile of this site: Ealing Road North = 43 Residential Units / Peel House Church Road = 12 two bed roomed flats / Belvue Road = 14 Residential Units.
  • Total of 81 Extra new residential units + vehicles, parking, footfall.