HS2 Campaign

HS2 is a proposed high speed rail link between London and Birmingham and various points from there.  The proposed route will go through Northolt, Ruislip and the Chilterns.     There are campaigns by residents along the route to endeavour to stop this going through.

Current Position on the campaign

The NVRA will continue to attend the various meetings as much as possible and ensure that the message on behalf of our members and residents is continuously represented, and continue to lobby for pressure against the current rail project proposals, but YOU, YOUR NEIGHBOURS, FRIENDS and FAMILY can also help by writing to your respective MP.

The Minister for Transport has decided to press ahead with HS2, but that is not the end of the challenge for 51m. Whether the project becomes a reality or not is a matter for Parliament to decide, and that will depend upon the outcome of MPs voting on the Hybrid Bill, expected to go before the House of Commons in 2014.


Ealing Council

Ealing Council are not taking decisive action on this matter, and are being overcautious. Ealing would become a ‘key’ member if they joined 51m and nearly every Council along the HS2 route has already joined 51m, so what’s the delay? Ealing’s absence and silence speaks volumes – not exactly what residents would wish for right now.

HS2 Ltd have even indicated to US (our Group), that we should pursue political channels for a tunnel under NORTHOLT, GREENFORD, PERVALE and EALING. (HS2 Ltd are only able to answer questions and issues that potation to their brief ONLY, as a tunnel between Ealing and Northolt has never been envisaged on their current plans they are unable to take these matters on board and will NOT take any matters concerning a tunnel back to the Secretary of State DfT – Department for Transport).


Following pressure by residents and other people affected along the HS2 route it is now looking likely that a tunnel will go through Northolt. This has yet to be offically confirmed.